Hudi's Russian Aircraft Guide


Currently all Russian fighters in service were designed during the cold war. They have underwent a number of modifications to the electronics to meet the demand of mordern warfare and also some modifications were made to the airframe itself.



Bombers were always a weekness of the Soviet airforce. The main drawback was the lack of large strike forces and extra-terrytorial bases. The planes them selves were comparable to their American counterparts and in some cases better.



During the Vietnam War, both Americans and Soviet switched their views about attack planes. They returned to the concept of slow, well armoured planes which resulted in the A-10 and Su-25 - which in many aspects is the most succesuful attack plane ever.



The Vietnam War expanded the role of helicopters from a transport medium to fire support and even dedicated attacker. The Soviets followed the trend and produced one of the most deadly weapon - Mi-24. Currently new models are in production and are slowly fielded.



Transport planes forms the backbone of today's military. Due to the vast territory, Russians rely heavily on air transport and due to the poor infrastructure have came up with a few interesting designs.


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